• Maintain accounting records for each individual member through our accounting software AppFolio
  • Provide owners with information to set up online payment portal if they desire.  Payments made with e-checks are free, those that are processed with a debit/credit card are charged a convenience fee by the merchant processing the payment
  • Mail out annual statements
  • Assess past due accounts and send past due statements and 10 Day Demands for collection of assessments
  • Attach rental proceeds of leased units of delinquent owners
  • Work with attorneys to file liens and any legal actions to ensure the associations’ interest are protected
  • If necessary, foreclose on delinquent members and provide an income from the foreclosed properties to the association
  • Provide monthly financial statement to Board Members through Board of Directors portal in AppFolio
  • Accounting records forwarded to the associations accountant to facilitate in tax preparation
  • Assist Board of Directors in creating an annual budget
  • Receive payments for assessments, update members financial records, deposit receipts in a timely manner and give accounting of all income
  • Review and pay vendors invoices
  • Reconcile monthly bank statements


  • Maintain correspondence records for each individual owner
  • Process new homeowner information to update owner files
  • Send out welcome packages to new owners
  • Track undeliverable mail and update per property appraiser


  • Assist homeowner is the submission process for an ARC request
  • Transmit ARC request to the committee for approval through AppFolio
  • Track ARC requests via timeline to notify committee of impending deadline for auto-approval if time is approaching expiration
  • Notify owner via phone call or email or committee’s decision and follow up with a letter to notify owner of decision


  • Answer questions for owners in regards to the CC&R’s
  • Notify owners when they are not in compliance with CC&R’s
  • Retain documentation of violations as it pertains to specific owners for follow-up with repeat violations through AppFolio.
  • Provide information to attorney when necessary to enforce compliance with CC&R’s to protect the interest of the association


  • Maintain insurance policies and negotiate renewals
  • Advise Board of negotiated renewals in order to save the association money and provide equal or better coverage


  • Service properties by using reputable vendors who are licensed and insured
  • Repairs requiring a contractor will be placed out for bid
  • Inspect work prior to payment to determine discrepancies between bid and actual work performed


  • Routine inspections of subdivision by a representative of our office with violations being noted and pictures taken in order to notify members of non-compliance with Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, determine if improvements have been made to properties without the approval of the ARC committee and notify members of non-compliance with ARC regulations
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